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We have never met but spoken by email and through the amazing technology of skype. It is refreshing to talk to a real human being who considers your whole, not just the problem... ...If anybody is wondering whether or not to contact Debbie should just pick up the phone or email her, you won't be disappointed! Thank you xxx
H Mee Ipswich, Anglia February 2012
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I’m the eternal experimenter with my health from superfoods, supplements, and powders to geek products monitoring my health and even giving me m

I feel like I’ve written about sleep so many times over the period of being a naturopath, but it’s still absolutely relevant to good healt

Our food system of farming and production was at one time one to celebrated, how amazing the strides forward that it made to feed the population. The

As life has got busier and my clients stress levels have become higher I find that I’m not only a naturopathic nutritionist helping with their h

The increasing rise in obesity is a tide that public health just doesn’t seem to be able to turn around currently, but then I’m not sure t

When did we lose our time? Time is one of the biggest issues my clients bring to me as their problem. Well they don’t outright start by telling

We are moving from summer into Autumn and of course during this transitional time our diet should start to reflect this seasonal change, in the Chines

Saturday 21st September 2019 at 1pm A whole hour of digestion! Gut health is a hot topic currently, everyone is talking about their microbiome. This p

As we transition into the new season and the temperature is dropping, I quite like to add hot elements into my meals to offset the cold. This mornings

When I bought my Vitamix they were relatively unknown in the UK and so expensive that my friends thought I had gone mad, but after burning out all of

I’ve been given a 20% discount on the tickets for my clients!! Book your ticket here. I just thought I would let you know that The Health Optimi

As a society, our collective weight is increasing, and most of us don’t realise why this should be happening when we are controlling how many ca