Full Initial 1.5-hour Consultation

Including a full set of tests and analysis via bio-resonance testing.  Includes treatment plan and a 15 minute follow up email or phone review.

All appointments are via the phone or Skype unless a face to face consultation is requested in Guildford, London or Omagh.


Follow Up or 1-hour Consultation

Including appropriate set of tests and analysis via bio-resonance testing. Includes treatment plan and a 15 minute follow up email or phone review

All appointments are via the phone or Skype unless a face to face consultation is requested in Guildford, London or Omagh.

Allergy & Intolerance Screening £57
Full Body Bioresonance Health Screening £90*
20 minute no obligation chat Free
1-hour Motivation and Support Package £45
* without consultation report only. With consultation £135
** if I can complete the treatment plan within the session I will, but if you are a complex case, I may need to take away your case to work on, which incurs a further 1-hour fee, this is invoiced after the treatment plan is produced. 
Tailored remedies are £5 each and are made by myself from the analysis and then sent within 48 hours by post. 
Please realise that you are not just paying for a session but an analysis of your health and construction of treatment to resolve it. Each session, therefore,  includes a set of appropriate, targeted and focused bio-resonance tests, the analysis of those tests,  1 follow up email to ask questions, or a phone call, and I’m happy to send out the bio-resonance Asyra reports via email. Any further correspondence in regards to questions around treatment, or a written interpretation of the Asyra report incurs a billable fee depending on the time spent on the response.
If you feel that you will need a lot of initial support, then we can discuss a 1 hour Motivation and Support package that can be used over the following 4 weeks after the session via phone or email, most people find that 20 minutes a week with me supporting them, during  the first few weeks gets them on the right track. Nonrefundable each month but after the first-month people rarely need it. I find that a lot of clients initially need more support in these stages of change, and this package is a suitable addition giving you the freedom to ask questions and become clear about your direction. 

Book a session or to have a chat about your needs. 

Contact me on 020 8242 4893 and leave a message with my assistant.

Email me at ku.oc.egnahcottropssapnull@sbed to book in.

Skype Clinic

Clicking the icon above or my Skype ID below will call me directly on Skype. Skype ID: debswkr

I also have a guarantee for you….

A lot of my clients travel to see me, the furthest they come from is Africa, Dubai, and Spain. So if by the end of the first full 90 minute consultation you feel that it wasn’t worth the money, or you haven’t gained the information you were looking for, (or you really have made the wrong decision in coming to see me) then I will gift the session to you, and it will cost you nothing. Yes, you read that right nothing! You can see some of the testimonials so I know this is highly unlikely, my clients are often more than happy and often think it was worth far more than they have actually paid, particularly the insights that the screening has given them. Client confidentiality – your records are kept completely confidential, I do not sell your records to 3rd parties, unlike the NHS! Please note due to me having a busy schedule of clients internationally, I take a deposit for the booking which is part payment for your session, this is nonreturnable for those who do not show up. I am ever flexible with my diary, and you can alter your session up to 48 hours before if you need to and truly understand that life gets in the way!

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