I work with several pieces of equipment in appointments (as long as you are not pregnant, or have an electrical device in the body), the Asrya which I tend to use to test the body with and which can give me an overview of what is happening in the body. I then may use the BICOM or Ultra BCX which I will use to treat the condition that you have come with.

We are now faced with an increasingly large amount of illnesses that are not improving through the medical approaches that are on offer. This is from my perspective because most illness is multifaceted and therefore one approach does not fit all, and the medications are often masking the underlying issue.

I work with the equipment to get to the underlying issue driving your health to help and guide you to turn it around.

I work with large numbers of people who have tried every other route and have found no resolution to their health issue, and these pieces of equipment can help identify other factors that have not been reviewed previously.

Bioresonance treatment works to support the body’s own mechanisms of elimination and healing. It’s non invasive, and aids the body’s own recovery systems. These are not a cure they support the body to do what it is designed to do.


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