“What my clients say...”

We have never met but spoken by email and through the amazing technology of skype. It is refreshing to talk to a real human being who considers your whole, not just the problem... ...If anybody is wondering whether or not to contact Debbie should just pick up the phone or email her, you won't be disappointed! Thank you xxx
H Mee Ipswich, Anglia February 2012
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“Deborah really has had an incredibly positive impact on my life. She had a different approach to that that I was used to from going to my docto

I was told recently that there is no natural way of helping someone with heart disease, the clogging of arteries is serious, but despite what people m

Regenerate and rejuvenate The body has the capacity to regenerate and rejuvenate itself and it’s almost become a secret in the medical world who wou

When we change our diet, more often than not it’s the hunger cravings that drive us to end up eating those foods we’ve committed to give up. Remem

Over Christmas my boyfriend bought some new plates, he wanted large platter type plates for the big day. I did think they were to be the food platters

When one thing after another happens to create poor health or difficulties in life we often can end up asking ‘why me’? It’s doesn’t tend to b

It’s interesting when we start to think of our bodies as carriers of much of the same waste that is in our environment, just take a moment to reflec

The flu, it’s dreaded, but this is the right time for it to be happening because we are moving towards the spring equinox which is a natural time of

Everyone is coming to the clinic with lingering coughs and colds, and I’m clear that either people’s immunity is getting worse or these bu

I have the same question asked of me a lot, and that is why are so many people having problems with wheat and gluten grains now in comparison to in th

I’m seeing so many more people now who just can’t seem to shake off that cold or a cough and it’s hanging around for weeks if not months. Bacter

When we decide that we’ve had enough of our health and that we have to make a change, it’s often about learning to get out of our own way and allo