“What my clients say...”

We have never met but spoken by email and through the amazing technology of skype. It is refreshing to talk to a real human being who considers your whole, not just the problem... ...If anybody is wondering whether or not to contact Debbie should just pick up the phone or email her, you won't be disappointed! Thank you xxx
H Mee Ipswich, Anglia February 2012
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It’s easy to fall into the habit of finding fast food that just isn’t getting your day off to the best of starts. Cereals are now highly p

When I work with the health and well being of a client, it is the start of them understanding the framework of what is often quite a profound and auth

We probably all like our breakfasts to be quick so we can get on with the day, and having the ingredients in the cupboard is key for enabling this to

It’s time for a spring clean, so get into all the corners and crevices, and clear out winter stagnancy and come out from under the hibernation c

Something caught in your throat? Just can’t seem to stop coughing? Is it interrupting your conversations and calls? Well I had the same thing ha

When you have a sore throat rather than taking painkillers, start gargling. Gargle with salt water and either 2 drops of doTerra On Guard or / and 2 d

I’m asked quite often whether eating organic is worth the extra money considering what the media tends to say about it not being any different i

I love nut milks they are a staple in my life most days, and here is almond and lemon milk, just to add a twist and some antioxidants! Lemon is antimi

We are all interconnected, there is a unity that is needed for ourselves to be healthy in our world, and the lack of protection our biodiversity of pl

I think it’s time that we advertised snacks and foods with nutrient levels within them rather than calories. So what if the item is 72 calories,

One of the questions I’m asked a lot is whether someone has to give up alcohol. I hate this question around Christmas, because I know what they

“Being finally diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 2012, I was desperate to find an alternative way for healing than being given anti-inflammatory steroi