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We have never met but spoken by email and through the amazing technology of skype. It is refreshing to talk to a real human being who considers your whole, not just the problem... ...If anybody is wondering whether or not to contact Debbie should just pick up the phone or email her, you won't be disappointed! Thank you xxx
H Mee Ipswich, Anglia February 2012
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aloe drink
Well now I’ve got the Allo Allo joke out of the way, which potentially you will only get if you are my age group and watched the comedy programm

Easy food that takes no time at all to prepare is what works best in our house, and this was lunch today. Colds are going around, and I can feel somet

I do love soup, and I love Thai Green Curry! So today I decided to bring the two together for lunch for us. It takes about 10 minutes to make and 20 m

Well it’s not long now until Christmas, and of course and the main question I’m getting from a number of my clients is how do I get through Christ

It doesn’t have to be difficult…

You are what you digest and absorb. 70% of your immune cells are in and along the intestinal lining. Even the most healthy foods can become toxic if n

Out of 195,000 edible plants in the world, we tend to on average only eat 20! Most people eat the same 10 daily! Start to list your foods and find out

With all the colds flying around at the moment, I’m doing my best to keep them at bay via the diet and herbs and you should be doing the same

On a roll with my red lentils currently, mind you I had bought them in bulk previously so I do have a lot! This time I made them into a simple soup, a

I love lentils, they are warming, easy to cook, and simple to make a meal out of, particularly for lunchtimes. Plant based food helps to reduce inflam

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As we run around after the kids, shopping, work, and juggle life, it’s rare that I come across someone who is taking the time to eat mindfully, by t

Here I am collecting my latest award for being a National Business Leader in the UK and demonstrating a commitment to the business community.