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We have never met but spoken by email and through the amazing technology of skype. It is refreshing to talk to a real human being who considers your whole, not just the problem... ...If anybody is wondering whether or not to contact Debbie should just pick up the phone or email her, you won't be disappointed! Thank you xxx
H Mee Ipswich, Anglia February 2012
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I think it’s time that we advertised snacks and foods with nutrient levels within them rather than calories. So what if the item is 72 calories,

One of the questions I’m asked a lot is whether someone has to give up alcohol. I hate this question around Christmas, because I know what they

“Being finally diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 2012, I was desperate to find an alternative way for healing than being given anti-inflammatory steroi

In winter when we should be taking it more easy, resting and recuperating, we have more often than not decided to go against nature and fulfil those N

Addictions are complicated, I was taught that at some level we are all addicted to something in our lives and that knowledge has never left me. I know

Debbie has been my life-line these last four years or so. Debbie completely calmed my stress and helped with life issues which impacted on all my dige

Well we’ve started the New Year with a Veganuary focus from some food companies cashing in on promoting their new vegan snacks. Healthy snacking

Today’s lunch went like this… 1 sliced carrot, into small sticks 1 cup of sugar snap peas chopped into 3 1 cup of mangetout chopped into 3

Well what I week, Gregg’s released a vegan sausage roll and Piers Morgan had a whole tribe of angry vegans baying for his blood ironically, mind

A simple and great juice to boost your immune system. 2 apples 2 carrots 2 sticks of celery handful of left over sprouts 1 inch of fresh ginger root 1

Stop that lingering cold, boost your immune system and inspire your friends to look after themselves better. with their diets. We have to stop the end

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